Are you looking to become your greatest potential? The best version of you? A leader people want to follow?

Our Personal Leadership ALIGNMENT Program prepares leaders to lead by helping them become more self-aware and aligned to the vision, values and goals they set out to achieve.

In order to assure this awareness and alignment, we begin with a series of needs assessments to pinpoint the participant's strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats, which may include assessing their: personality type, relating style, and Gut Quotient. From these assessments, we then discover where they have lost their ability to ALIGN to what they say they want to achieve. When someone is in-congruent in word and deed, they are out of alignment. By bringing into awareness the patterns of reaction to certain situations and people, those that participate in our Personal Leadership ALIGNMENT Program become more conscious and empowered to respond, instead of react, to stressful situations and people. This helps them to be clear, calm, and confident as they reach their vision and goals in the most efficient and effective way!

After helping our participants in the Personal Leadership ALIGNMENT program develop self-awareness and new skills to ALIGN to their vision, values and goals, we then help them create a clear action plan. This can either be done manually, or with our Goal ALIGNMENT Hub, which is a private firewalled intranet site to create and showcase your goals, priorities and action plans for the areas of your life you wish to improve. Then, to keep you on track and aligned to your commitments, our automatic emails will remind you when you need to start, checkpoint and complete your tasks. As a result, you will learn to say "yes" to activities that align to your goals; and "no" to requests that do not get you where you want to go. Raising your level of awareness and empowerment in this way will help you work smart, not hard, to achieve your greatest potential! Here's what one of our clients said,

"Susan did a great job with one of our executives, developing their leadership skills and confidence. We would hire her again and recommend her to anyone!" -Carol Schneider, Founder and CEO SEEK Career/Staffing

It’s time to be your greatest potential and become the happier, more empowered, and influential you! Choose from one of our Personal Leadership ALIGNMENT services: Personal Coaching, Personal Leadership Workshop, ALIGN Mindset Daily Motivation, or Keynote Speaking...and begin to reach your potential today!

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