Are you looking to become your greatest potential? A person who meets their goals and achieves success? A leader people want to follow?

Our Personal Leadership ALIGNMENT Program prepares you for success by helping you become more clear, calm, and confident. As a result, you become aligned to your greatest potential.

We begin to improve your clarity by helping you learn to become more present. Often our mind races and we are thinking about the past, or are worried about the future. This creates "mind-chattering", which keeps us from realizing opportunities, issues and what we know we need to do or say in the present moment. When you learn techniques in our Personal ALIGNMENT Program such as: Deep breathing, Active Listening, and Intuitive Awareness, Visioning, and Planning, you will become more present, ultimately improving your Gut Quotient (GQ).

Science now tells us we have a gut in our brain. When we are present and breathe more deeply, we activate the connection between our head-brain and gut-brain and therefore increase your Gut Quotient (GQ). This means we fully engage our gut to alert us to cues at the tip of the iceberg that tell us something is not congruent. You will become more clear, calm, and confident when you learn the program's techniques, which will help align your gut and your mind, so you can logically explain this gut knowing.

In order to assure Personal Leadership ALIGNMENT, we may use our ALIGN Gut Quotient Assessment to determine your ability to ALIGN to what you say you want to achieve. When someone is in-congruent in word and deed, they are out of self-alignment. By increasing your Gut Quotient (GQ), you will become more discerning. You will know the difference between the chattering in our mind (which is fear); and the intuitive guidance that desires to lead you to your higher vision and goals. Our program will teach you what your attachments are that get you out of alignment, so you know when to let go, instead of needing the instant gratification of being "right", "accepted" or "secure" in some way. Instead of reacting to your need for instant gratification, you will be making better value-based decisions. In addition to knowing when to let go, you will learn when to speak up and "call the bird out of the bush" so you have greater alignment towards your vision, values and goals.

The final step in our Personal Leadership ALIGNMENT program helps you create an action plan to ALIGN to your vision, values and goals. Now operating from inspired action versus perspired action, you will know when to say "yes" to activities that align to your vision, goals and priorities; and "no" to requests that do not get you where they want to go. Raising the level of awareness and alignment in this way will develop an entrepreneurial spirit at work, helping your talent to work smart, not hard, as they contribute from their greatest potential, and towards the greater good of the company!

Our Personal Leadership ALIGNMENT program not only transforms the individual participating in our program, it transforms the company culture where they work. Because each individual in our program learns what it means to take personal responsibility to be their best self, there is less internal competition, positioning, and politics within the company. Instead of looking outside one self for validation and comparison, those who develop their Gut Quotient (GQ) from our Personal Leadership ALIGNMENT program, develop a stronger locus of control and therefore have greater achievement, self-satisfaction, and fulfillment. Here's what one of our clients said,

"Susan did a great job with one of our executives, developing their leadership skills and confidence. We would hire her again and recommend her to anyone!" -Carol Schneider, Founder and CEO SEEK Career/Staffing

It’s time to be your greatest potential and become the happier, more empowered, and influential you! Choose from one of our Personal Leadership ALIGNMENT services: Personal Coaching, Personal Leadership Workshop, ALIGN Mindset Daily Motivation, Keynote Speaking, and our ALIGN Hiring Process...and begin to reach your greatest potential today!

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