Is 20% of what you are doing making 80% impact? Would you like to better align your talent your talent to your vision and goals so they know how to add-value?

Our ORGANIZATIONAL ALIGNMENT Program brings your vision, values, initiatives, goals, and action plans front and center. While most companies have their vision, values and goals posted on a conference wall, most employees still do not understand how they add value on a daily basis. Because of this dis-connect from the “WHY” employees are doing what they are doing, your talent will eventually lack the understanding of "HOW" to work smart, not hard to achieve results.

Studies have shown that when employees clearly understand why the company is headed in a direction, they are more productive. To further increase productivity, engaging them in the how they can add-value increases buy-in, motivation, and achievement.

That is why our Organizational ALIGNMENT Program begins with a department S.W.O.T. analysis to engage your talent in the discovery of your department’s: strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. From this S.W.O.T. Analysis, we: Set department goals, choose important initiatives, and then ALIGN each employee’s essential duties and responsibilities to what needs to occur to achieve success. Once we create your plan for success, we can manage it manually, or use our Hub technology to help you work smart, not hard. In order to keep your departments and employees fully aligned to your goals, we suggest using our Organizational ALIGNMENT Hub so your plan and their commitments are front and center. By creating transparency, you create accountability. Our Organizational ALIGNMENT Hub clearly allows you to outline expectations, including: Who, will do what, by when, so everyone knows how they are contributing towards growth and success. The automatic email reminders, and the instant recognition they get for completing tasks on-time, motivate employees to stay aligned to the commitments and goals. Stay focused on what matters most. Where is focus, there is greater efficiency and effectiveness!

In addition, to help support the Organizational ALIGNMENT process, we teach your leaders how to use our "Quarterly Organizational ALIGNMENT Scorecard and Action Plan". This scorecard and action plan is offered right inside your Hub and allows your leaders to ensure their talent has a clear understanding of how they add-value to your goals. And because not everybody automatically stays in perfect alignment, we teach your leaders skills on how to address behavior that is no longer in alignment with the goals and values your company is setting out to achieve.

Our Organizational ALIGNMENT Program guarantees you will no longer have to meet for hours to update on progress. Instead, you will have a happier, more empowered, inspired, and productive workforce. The end result is: A high-performance culture that is focused on results!

Here's what one of our clients is saying about our program,

"Susan knows how to quickly build trust and rapport across the organization and align everyone to the vision and goals. I recommend highly recommend her services!" -Chris Felton, Corporate Central Credit Union

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It’s time to be your greatest organizational potential: Increase employee engagement and productivity up to 74% greater than you currently are experiencing! Choose from one of our Organizational Leadership ALIGNMENT services: Strategic Leadership Coaching & Training, Strategic Planning, and Organizational Development. Begin working smart, not hard, to reach your vision and goals today!

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