Is 20% of what you are doing making 80% impact? Would you like to better align your talent to your vision and goals so they know how to add-value?

Our ORGANIZATIONAL ALIGNMENT Program brings your vision, mission, values, initiatives, goals, and action plans front and center. This transforms your culture to one that is more innovative and entrepreneurial because everyone understands the direction the company is going, as well as how they add-value to the customer experience. While most companies have their vision, mission, values and goals posted on a conference wall, most employees still do not understand how they add-value on a daily basis, or how decisions are aligned to the plan. Because of this dis-connect from the “WHY” employees are doing what they are doing, your talent will eventually lack the understanding of "HOW" to work smart, not hard, to achieve results. Because they are not clear, they will not have a strong Gut Quotient (GQ) to make decisions in accordance with a unified mindset.

Studies show that when employees clearly understand why the company is headed in a direction, and how they can add-value, they are more likely to make effective decisions. To further increase productivity, engaging them in a clear plan of action will increase buy-in, motivation, achievement, and ultimately their Gut Quotient (GQ).

That is why our Organizational ALIGNMENT Program begins with engaging your key talent in a department S.W.O.T. analysis to help discover the company's: strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. From this S.W.O.T. Analysis, we help you create your: Vision, Mission, Values, Department Goals, and important Initiatives needed to achieve success. Because your key talent was a part of this discovery and creation, they will be more clear about what they need to do on a daily basis to make effective decisions and create results!

In addition, to help support the Organizational ALIGNMENT process, we teach your leaders how to use our "Quarterly Organizational ALIGNMENT Scorecard and Action Plan" as well as our "ALIGN Huddle Process" to keep the vision, values, goals and expectations front and center. This process keeps your talent in alignment to your plan and increases their Gut Quotient (GQ) so they are aware when they are making effective decisions and coached when they are not in alignment with expectations and results.

Our Organizational ALIGNMENT Program guarantees you will no longer have to meet for hours to update on the progress to your goals. Instead, by creating clarity upfront, you will have a happier, more empowered, inspired, and productive workforce that will achieve results.

Here's what one of our clients is saying about our program,

"Susan knows how to quickly build trust and rapport across the organization and align everyone to the vision and goals. I recommend highly recommend her services!" -Chris Felton, Corporate Central Credit Union

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