Would you like your sales staff to be able to uncover your prospects needs such that they become your loyal customers? Would you like to have all your departments work towards your customer success so they repeat business and give you referrals?

Our Customer ALIGNMENT Program first teaches your sales team how to pinpoint their prospect’s needs with our Needs Assessment process. When we show prospects our concern for their success, we build rapport and trust. In most organizations, however, sales people are order-takers and try to convince customers to buy their products/services, without ever understanding their prospects business or growth goals. While this approach may land sales, it will not build long-lasting customer loyalty or get you referrals.

Our Customer ALIGNMENT Program, shifts your organization’s mindset to their customer’s success. Not only do we help you develop a Needs Assessment, we help you develop a strong value-added proposition that sets you apart from your competition. This eliminates the price comparison otherwise created when your value-added proposition is not clear. Having a strong value-added proposition also helps your company better align to your vision, mission, values and goals.

In addition, we work with your whole organization to create a culture that is aligned to the customer experience. This includes training on how to have an ALIGN Meeting to include the departments who will deliver the promises made. It also includes training on project management techniques, so a clear plan of action is developed in our Project ALIGNMENT Hub. By outlining expectations upfront, including: Who, will do what, by when, your departments will work collaboratively to deliver promises made to the customer. The automatic email reminders keep all departments and individuals on track with commitments made so your customers are happy with results!

Because your departments can now communicate progress on the Project Management Dashboard, there is no need for time wasted in update meetings. If an obstacle appears and the team needs to problem-solve, they can flag a meeting to have a quick ALIGN Huddle. We will show your talent how to quickly address the obstacle they need to solve to get a new plan developed.

It’s time to ALIGN to your Customer’s experience and reap the benefits of happy customers!

Here's what just one customer is saying about our Customer ALIGNMENT Program:

"Susan brings creative solutions to common problems so you can reach success more efficiently and effectively!" -Dorothy Valentine, HR, Harley-Davidson

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