Do you want to create a service-minded culture? Would you like your sales staff to uncover your prospects needs so you can create a tailor-made solution to achieve customer satisfaction? Would you like all your departments to work towards your customer success so you have repeat business and referrals? Is your ultimate goal to create a extraordinary customer experience?

Our Customer ALIGNMENT Program first transforms your culture's mindset by creating a customer service-minded attitude in all of your departments. We change the culture to be concerned about the customer experience by addressing the common obstacles impeding teamwork and customer satisfaction. By determining the best business strategies for customer success in our "Team ALIGN Meeting", we increase the Gut Quotient (GQ) of your talent so they understand how the pieces of the puzzle work together for the customer experience. We also increase each team members ability to make decisions in the best interest of the company and customer, by helping them understand the whole customer experience from beginning to end. In addition to creating more efficient and effective customer service processes, we help you create an effective value-added proposition to engage each department in their value-added promise to achieve customer satisfaction. Once this foundation is created, your talent will work together better to serve the customer. Now your sales people, can use the tailor-made needs assessment we've helped you create to pinpoint your prospect’s needs, so your organization can align your capabilities with your customer's ultimate success. This creates a shift in mindset from sales people taking orders; to sales people using a consultative approach.

By shifting your organization’s mindset to your customer’s success, you create a culture that works together collaboratively with one goal in mind: Creating the Ultimate Customer Experience. This eliminates the silo-thinking mindset concerned only about "what's in it for me" and "make my job easier!" Our Organizational ALIGNMENT program will increase your culture's Gut Quotient (GQ) by helping you:

Create and communicate your “Value-added Proposition” to everyone in the company, including their role in providing it to the customer

Collaborate on an effective Customer Needs Assessment to determine the prospects/customer’s needs, as it relates to your “Vale-added Proposition”

Learn the techniques for an effective Team Huddle to ALIGN all departments before a Scope-of-Project Proposal is given to the customer

Create a Scope-of-Project Proposal that ALIGNS to the “Value-added Proposition”, capabilities and capacities of all the departments before promises are made

Create a project management timeline so your talent knows exactly what is expected of them, by when; and so your customer is informed of the expected timeline

Learn a 10-step Goal ALIGNMENT Conversation to overcome hurdles and create solutions for a culture aimed at success, synergy, and an ultimate service-minded culture.

It’s time to ALIGN to your Customer’s experience and reap the benefits of happy customers!

Here's what just one customer is saying about our Customer ALIGNMENT Program:

"Susan brings creative solutions to common problems so you can reach success more efficiently and effectively!" -Dorothy Valentine, HR, Harley-Davidson

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