Do you want your talent to have the "I AM" ,"I GOT THIS!" mindset that creates positive results? Do you want to create a culture that is not only performance driven, but is collaborative and entrepreneurial in achieving results?

Our ALIGN program ensures you and your employees have Personal Leadership ALIGNMENT so you can create the culture and results you want, by working smart, not hard!

What does Personal Leadership ALIGNMENT mean? It means not only is your talent's skill aligned to the job requirements you need; their mindset is also aligned to their greatest potential and the results-oriented culture you want to create. We ensure this Personal Leadership ALIGNMENT through a tool we use called, "The Culture Index". The Culture Index helps you identify what values, qualities, and behaviors you want in a candidate and employee. It ensures your talent has the Personal Leadership qualities that produce results. Once your Culture Index is identified, we develop interview questions and a coaching tool to ensure your candidates and employees are matched to your expectations. In the case of existing employees, any mis-match becomes an opportunity for coaching and re-alignment, which we offer with our Culture Index Coaching Kit.

Next, for both new hires and existing employees, we ensure Personal Leadership ALIGNMENT with our ALIGN On-Boarding Program. Our On-boarding program captures your business intelligence from each department so best practices, processes and procedures are shared cross-functionally. By sharing information cross-functionally, employees are better equipped to be mindful, so they can make effective decisions with the goal and customer in mind. This improves Personal Leadership ALIGNMENT and the Gut Intelligence of your organization, because employees are empowered with the information they need to succeed. Then, to increase Personal Leadership ALIGNMENT, our "Imeet for the Gut Challenge" exercise takes your most common obstacles and teaches your employees how to synthesize this information to create results in the most common dilemmas that appear in your business. As a result, you are assured your talent will make the best decisions to yield the outcomes you have in mind.

You will benefit from creating a culture of Personal Leadership ALIGNMENT because employees will match the results-oriented culture you want to create, own the situations they know need improving, resolve customer dissatisfaction in a way that creates a win-win solution, and think like an owner. This behavior comes from a mindset of "I AM", "I've Got this!" which we teach in our ALIGN program. Here's what one of our clients said,

"Susan did a great job with one of our executives, developing their leadership skills and confidence. We would hire her again and recommend her to anyone!"

-Carol Schneider, Founder and CEO, SEEK Career/Staffing

It’s time to have employees who not only meet the skill requirements you are looking for; hey have the tmindset you need to succeed!

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