ALIGN Culture Building Program

Here's how we can help you get the "I AM!", "We CAN!", "You MATTER!" Mindset and Culture that Creates Results:

Personal Leadership ALIGNMENT


We ensure your new hires, employees, and consultants fit the qualifications, values, and essential behaviors you need to succeed with our ALIGN Culture Fit Program. Our program begins with a Culture Assessment to pinpoint the culture you want to create. We provide you with a Gap Analysis, as well as Fit-Tips so your culture matches your brand. Our Interview Questionnaire, Gut Intelligence Training, and Scorecard help you identify cues and information to tell you when a new candidate, consultant, or employee are not fitting expectations. And finally, your leaders will learn how to hold people accountable with our Get Fit Coaching!

Ask about our ALIGN Culture Fit Program, including our:

-Culture Assessment

-Gap Analysis


-Interview Questionnaire

-Gut Intelligence Training


-Get Fit Coaching <


Our ALIGN On-Boarding Program captures your business intelligence by engaging your departments in an online Best Practices Questionnaire to reveal their best practices, processes and procedures used to optimize performance. The information is then produced in a Best Practices Handbook and used for our Gut Challenge: a fun teamwork exercise to share and synthesize information across the company. This ensures mindfulness, effective decision-making, cross-functional training & effective decision-making in common situations that affect the associate and customer experience. Capturing a like-mindset creates a culture with greater empowerment and Gut Intelligence.

Ask about our ALIGN On-Boarding Program, including our:

-Best Practice Questionnaire

-Best Practices Handbook

-Gut Challenge

Organizational ALIGNMENT


Through our online S.W.O.T. Analysis process we survey your department leaders and talent to discover areas of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats to your business and each department. We call this the ALIGN Strategic Engagement Program. Our Summary Report and Innovation Huddle helps department leaders establish key initiatives to ALIGN employees to the company goals. Our Strategic Engagement Coaching Program equips leaders with skills needed to engage their talent with Quarterly Action Plans and Scorecards, empowering their talent to make informed decisions, increasing productivity up to 74%. Leaders will also learn: How to Trust their Gut to recognize cues early on where dis-alignment is occurring; how to re-strategize towards goal-alignment; how to hold people accountable to goal-achievement & recognize progress often!

Ask about our ALIGN Strategic Engagement Program including our:

-S.W.O.T. Analysis

-Summary Report

-Innovation Huddle

-Strategic Engagement Coaching Program

-Quarterly Action Plans & Scorecards


The ALIGN Hub brings your goals and scorecards to a Digital Dashboard and electronic format that makes goal-achievement fun! By keeping your goals and scorecards front and center you create top of the mind awareness and an Entrepreneurial Spirit of mindfulness and ownership. Electronic Scorecards are aligned to the goals so your talent and teams understand the "why" behind their important activities, initiatives, deadlines, and progress-to-the-goals. Deadlines are easy to keep with the Automatic Email Reminders to the individual, team and leader. When an individual or team hits a milestone, the Recognition Board automatically acknowledges the progress made. Transparency and accountability replace micro-managing and, as a result, you create a fun, motivated, and productive culture focused on the associate and customer experience.

Ask about our ALIGN Hub, including our:

-Digital Dashboard

-Electronic Scorecards

-Automatic Email Reminders

-Recognition Board!




Our ALIGN University gives you additional coaching & training to align departments and individuals in creating an extraordinary customer experience! This step enhances the customer experience by identifying specific situations, departments, teams, and individuals which need to ALIGN behaviors and decisions to the goals and customer success. Best Practices, Training Modules, Coaching Sessions, and ALIGN Facilitation are chosen based on your specific needs. Areas of focus may include: Developing a Customer Needs Assessment & Scope-of-Project Capture Sheet. Training on: Project Management; Mindfulness; our 10-Step Goal ALIGNMENT conversation, Customer Service Mindset, Problem-solving and Service; Collaboration & Team ALIGN Huddle; & Gut Intelligence Training: All create an entrepreneurial spirit and extraordinary customer experience for your business. Training, Coaching and Facilitation are available: Online, in-person or in webinar format.

Ask about our ALIGN University, including our:

-Best Practices

-Training Modules

-Group Facilitation

-Coaching Programs

-In-house certification available!

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